Micah Daigle
Strategist, Designer, Writer, System-Nudger

Micah Daigle

Strategist, Designer, Writer, System-Nudger


This website was made when I was designing things on screens for money.

It hosts a number of case studies of projects I've worked on, in order to persuade Prospective Clients™ to purchase my Professional Services®. 

It's a bit out of date, because I do a different kind of design now. While I still sometimes move pixels around on screens, I'm mostly designing human systems these days.

Specifically, I'm helping a global blockchain development firm develop capacities for organizational coherence and decentralized self-management. 

If that's too buzzwordy for you, let's just say I'm experimenting with new forms of organization that try not to suck the souls out of the perfectly good human beings that comprise them.

But wait. This is a designer's portfolio site. You probably came here because you need someone to make your app/brand/website look nice, and now you're reading all this and it's not helping you with your deadlines or your bottom line.

I feel you. Well, I'm glad you're here anyway. And if your boss (or your board, or your investors, or a looming internal archetype of a parental figure) is leaning on you for more output, I hope you take some time today to experience the wonder of existence in the brief period of time you get to be human on this planet. These pictures might help.

Oh, and hug someone you love. They won't be around forever.


Overly-Detailed Case Studies of Pixels on Screens and the Problems That They Solved


Pretty Pictures I Take to Remind Myself That The World is Beautiful and Full of Magic